What I Gained from Drug Rehab

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Among the hardest but most redemptive seasons of my life occurred when I invested fourteen months in a drug rehabilitation center.
In all my years of writing, I have never written about this experience that has so clearly shaped my life.

Naturally, I never ever would have dreamed that over a year of my life during my mid-twenties would be invested in drug rehabilitation, however it occurred. I started doing drugs in junior high, mainly I think do to the common quantity of peer pressure that many teens receive from their buddies. I began utilizing drugs with great doubt, but party after party I got a little less scared of utilizing drugs and that became my biggest issue. Losing my worry of doing drugs was the single worst thing that took place to me in my battle with drug use.

My substance abuse became a more major issue throughout high school and into my years at university. I believed that I was doing a fantastic task of hiding my problem till Christmas break happened one year and my parents saw all the signs. I had fantastic moms and dads, by the method, and I think that they were in no chance responsible for my substance abuse or for my ultimate requirement for drug rehabilitation.

My drug problem got so bad shortly after that Christmas break that I ended up accepting go to drug rehab with no fight. The majority of drug users, I am told, argued for a while when someone initially suggests that they get in drug rehabilitation. But not me. I understood how badly I required aid and I understood that if left alone I would most likely permit drugs to eliminate me.

My fourteen months in the drug rehab center taught me more about myself and about life than I ever expected them to. I discovered my value as a person and as a guy for the very first time because center. I discovered in drug rehab that drugs are a replacement for a hole that is empty in my life, just as food or exercise or alcohol or other thing can be for people. I discovered that I had a substantial duty in taking care of my life and my health.

It has actually been recovering for me as I have started discussing my experience with drug rehabilitation with honesty. I have actually never felt more free than when I am reflecting on the errors of my past with truthfully then when I am looking forward to my future with hope.