Selective Home loan Choice Making

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In a current post appearing on *, it was reported that Indiana and Ohio lead the nation in the number of home mortgage foreclosures. As the post describes, there are many reasons for the high home mortgage foreclosure rate. No matter the reason, one secret to avoiding this circumstance appertains mortgage planning. Unanticipated medical costs or the loss of a task are likely beyond your control, nevertheless, you can control the choice concerning your next home mortgage. Making an informed and educated decision relating to a mortgage refinancing, second mortgage, or home purchase loan will assist you prevent difficulty. Keep in mind the following the next time you are looking for a home loan.

Believe Individually– Most children have heard this sage advice … “If your good friend jumps off a cliff, are you going to jump, too?”… basically suggesting “think on your own.” That exact same viewpoint applies when speaking with your loan officer. Just because he/she states that you qualify for a particular home loan refinancing, second mortgage, or house purchase loan amount does not imply you ought to accept the loan. Compared to a couple of years ago, today’s financing guidelines accept greater debt to income ratios and/or minimized income documentation, which allows more home loans to be authorized. Remember, you are the one who needs to make the mortgage payment, not the loan officer. If you are not comfy with the payment, do not accept the loan.

Understand Your Mortgage– It is imperative that you comprehend the terms of the new home loan refinancing, 2nd mortgage, or home purchase loan you are thinking about. You have to know the following:
1)Is the home mortgage a fixed or variable rate of interest?
2)Is the mortgage interest just, deferred interest, or fully amortizing?
3)Is there a prepayment charge?
4)Exist any balloon includes to the brand-new mortgage?
5)Are the property taxes and homeowners insurance included in the home loan payment?

If your loan officer is evasive or offers unclear responses to these or other concerns, discover a brand-new loan officer

Shop– Seek advice from 2 or three loan officers about your home loan refinance, second home mortgage, or house purchase loan. You will find a wide variety of knowledge and capability among loan officers. At the same time, working with more than 3 will often cause information overload. Along with comparing rates of interest and closing expenses, consider your loan officer’s stability, understanding, and experience.

These guidelines are easy and common sense ideas, but are often forgotten throughout the excitement and emotion of finishing a house purchase loan, home loan refinancing, or 2nd home loan.

*; March 18, 2006; Title “Foreclosures in Indiana Hit New High”; Author Ted Evanoff