There is nothing that can be almost as alarming as having a doctor tell you that you have HPV and sadly it is a virus that has no cure. This can put you in depression mode for a couple of minutes until he tells you that the effects of this HPV can be cured and this are genital warts. I was the unfortunate case that visited Dr. Lauber at his office in Newport Beach, and although I was pretty alarmed when he was walking me through what HPV is all about, he got around to make me feel better, and I am thankful to this amazing doctor. He explained to me the dynamics of this STD that has the potential to cause cancer but the way that he went about this made me feel so calm, and he assured me that I was in no immediate danger as I had come to the right place. Although I was shaken for a while, I was relieved to know that my genital warts could be treated and that I wouldn’t run the risk of getting cancer. This made me feel a whole lot better than when I did when I went in. Dr. Lauber is my Orange County genital warts specialist!

Human Papillomavirus or as commonly known HPV is not some STD that you can joke around with because it displays no symptoms at all as you wait for the effects to be felt. What you will get is genital warts which are no less alarming than anything else, and this is where you need to see this doctor as I did. An incredible physician who makes you feel like you are at the right place and everything will be alright. There are not many doctors like this left in Newport Beach, and I was lucky to have seen him as of now, I am totally free of this STD that can be very devastating if not taken care of. The fact that you do not get to experience any symptoms, so it is quite hard to tell even when you are in the hospital what you have but if you have a doctor who has enough experience, then you will be safe.

So, if you are looking to have a specialist that is not only qualified but has vast experience as well in this STD Dr. Lauber is the one that you should see in Newport Beach. The level of satisfaction that you will get from paying this doctor a visit is just exemplary, to say the least, and that is why you need to see him if you suspect you have genital warts. I got to know that when you are at the age of 11 or 12, this is where you get to be vaccinated against this virus. I guess I never got to have these shots and that is why I got this STD in the first place although a bit of carelessness on my part is also to blame. Am lucky though that I got to see a doctor that knows his trade well and now am fine.